A Little Story

Located in Buena Park, California with an owner who comes from an extensive background in the appliance repair industry. We understand the growing need to be equip with the latest tools, and technology along with raising gas prices, and lower rates offered by vendors it can get tough to be able to equip every technician on the field with the latest tool technology. We know the demand to perform service at its highest level and having up to date equipment can get very costly quick. In addition, it gets tough trying to stay afloat in the industry that is why we are taking a stance, to help technicians and appliance repair companies curve the rising costs of day-to-day business. We made it possible to save some money and let you invest back into your company. What better way, than having your money, work for you! We built upon that belief, of supporting small companies. The founder has an extensive background in appliance repair, so we understands the realities, struggles and worries of appliance companies. Unlike other companies we have the ability to manufacture any size of order quicker.

Once we heard about the roll out of the new R600 and the need for updating the current tools all the local appliance repair companies and other industries will face. After viewing our competitors pricing we knew something had to done to lower the cost for small businesses. By doing so we hope easily, bring the Lokring Tool to small shops that would otherwise be unable to acquire them.
We strongly believe in supporting the local small businesses in our nation and are proud that we can bring the tools at a lower cost.

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